The Unexpected Gifs of Perrier

We have had the pleasure to work with our friend Pablo Alfieri (Playful) on this three short and lovely animations for Perrier.
Thanks to all the dream team involved in this lovely project!


D&F Edit 07 (0-00-00-03)D&F Edit 07 (0-00-00-03)
D&F Edit 07 (0-00-04-24)D&F Edit 07 (0-00-04-24)
MASTER (0-00-01-19)MASTER (0-00-01-19)
MASTER (0-00-04-29)MASTER (0-00-04-29)


Client: Perrier
Agency: Mazarine YouToYou

Direction: Playful
Creative, Art Direction & Montage: Pablo Alfieri

CGI Production: Pleid (Juanma Mota & Alberto Carbonell & Ruye)

CG Designers: Pablo Alfieri & Sebastian Morales

Sound Design: Cypheraudio