Converse, past meets present montage

Past meets present is the main concept of the new Converse collection.
Converse has spent a good part of this year updating some of their classics. Our past is constantly catching up to us, but we rarely get to see the relationship between past and present. The sneaker company gave us access to some of the original footwear to create a series of dynamic, thrilling and unexpected motion pieces wherein we watch the old versions turn into the updated models.

Converse Thunderbolt


Client: Converse USA
Agency: Anomaly
Direction: Serial Cut

Art Direction: Serial Cut
Animation Production: Pleid
Animation Direction: Juanma Mota
3D Modelling: Carlos Pecino

Animators: Víctor M. de Luis, Rafa E. García, Mario de Dios
3D Generalists: Víctor M. de Luis, Marta J. Mota
Compositing: Juanma Mota
Sound Design: Heardcity