Toyota C-HR

We were asked to join this special-aesthetic project for the new Toyota C-HR car, we worked on the teaser and graphic campaign, below the concept "they observe you", using a camera, a GPS track and a mysterious marble bust with sunglasses as main elements to call up the being observed idea.

The teaser campaign was on-line, off-line and broadcast; so we were surrounded in Spain with it!


After the teaser happens, we did the final C-HR graphic ads, locating the car surrounded by the teaser main elements.



Client: Toyota
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Spain
Representation Agency: The Mushroom Co.
Design and Direction: Pleid Studio
Art Direction: Juanma Mota
Shading: Ruye, Juanma Mota
Animation: Ruye
Modelling: Ander Gutierrez, Abner Marín, Ruye
2D Map: Quique Rodriguez
Postproduction: Juanma Mota