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/Flavor that Pops!

Flavor that pops!

We were called by Starbucks US for their Frapp Holiday campaign. They launched a new special flavor with chocolat, peppermint candies and coffee, of couse, yammy! We enjoyed a lot playing with such as delicious and eye-catching ingredients to capture the joyful esence of the mix. Please, take a look at the film and have fun!

Craft & Design

This project was really challeging for us, but wait, we love challenges!
All the elements from the project were created from scratch. We did the  photoscan of the real Starbucks coffee beans, and the hand! Oh wait, we also designed the peppermint candies!


We teamed up with amazing and talented artists to get this really playful and delicious imaginary. Enjoy the Frapp covered by this thick and brilliant chocolate pouring, get fun with the popping peppermint candies and dive into the kaleido, so hypnotic!

The hand,
From real to 3D

The packshot goes with a final cherry on the top!
We photoscanned the hand of our model to get this warm and hyper-realistic feeling. 



Client: Starbucks US
Agency: Energy BBDO Chicago
Executive Producer: Levine / Leavitt
Design and CGI Production: Pleid St.
Direction: Juanma Mota
Project Coordination: Noemí Álvarez
Art Direction: Juanma Mota, Fran Rossi, Nemanja Ivanovic
Shading and Lighting: Nemanja Ivanovic
Animation: Gonzalo Díaz, Juanma Mota
Simulation: Octavio de Lellis, Alvaro Moreira
Hand Animation and Rigging: Leandro Beltran
Edit: Gonzalo Díaz
Postproduction: Juanma Mota
Hand Model: Rabia
3D Scan: FBFX, Blank Repository
3D Hand Scan Production: Beatriz Almagro
Bottle Modeling: Luis de la Barrera Montenegro

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