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The silk scarf inspired by music

Music is one of the most beautiful abstract shapes in life.
We are surrounded by sounds all time, from the city noise to the calm of the countryside.
When this sound shapes are arranged sequentially, the music happens.

Music is about feelings, is about colors.

We represented the music creating shapes inspired by an audio waveform on a Memphis design style.
The shapes were floating on air, as the music flows in the air as well.
We used noble materials and a colorful palette to increase the idea of creating something stunning from the simplest elements.

That’s music. 


The We Are proyect

Is an experimental design project curated by Vicente García Morillo & Eugene Serebrennikov of Burn & Broad, a multi-disciplinary design studio. Together they share the simple belief that collaborative creativity can spawn innovation and limitless possibilities.

The first collective Made by We Are project brings together 12 multidisciplinary, multinational creatives to create a unique one of a kind artistic collection. Using scarves as the canvas, the merging of creative talent results in an exclusive artistic product that can be worn as a statement piece or framed as a piece of artwork.

This scarf has been produced and hand stitched in Spain using premium 100% silk satin fabric.

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