/We are IKEA

We are IKEA

Our pals from BBH Singapore invited us to develop full CGI films for a new IKEA opening in Padang region.

They gave us some starting points based on three of the most significant IKEA’s values: wasteful vs green, extravagant vs essential and square vs creative. Taking these interesting premises, we created 3 metaphoric animations to told the story behind the words.

The poetry which involves the transformation of a plastic bag into a recycled bag for the “Green” film, the fight between the extravagant and the minimal for “Essential” and how the lack of imagination turns into color and magic for “Creative”, the third film for the series.

We are not wasteful. We are green. 

We are not extravagant. We are essential.

We are not square. We are creative.


Client: IKEA Singapur
Agency: BBH Singapur
Direction: Pleid St.
3D Artists: Juanma Mota, Alberto Carbonell, Ruye, José Gallardo, Mario de Dios
3D Modeling: Giovanni Mauro
Music and Sound Design: Father

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